Is the Duke of Edinburgh award a qualification?

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Is the Duke of Edinburgh’s award a qualification, and if so where should it go on your CV

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Sunday Thoughts: Europeans don’t want to learn…

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Tweet I love learning – looking at things from new perspectives, adding to a portfolio of idea’s. But something has struck me in the past month which is making me think – hard. I attended a presentation recently, from an excellent presenter – some body who I would certainly recommend others to go and see […]

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Online social networking – costing UK companies £6.5M AND as unstoppable as gravity?

- health, recruiters

For the HR professional or the Recruiter, online Social Networking is a mine of information about candidates – but what should applicants do to make sure that they are not caught out? This article guides you through the problems, potential pitfalls – and how to avoid them

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The Professional CV

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What is a CV, and what are the key issues to address inside the Professional CV? This article guides you to the answer for UK residents

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Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow!

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Welcome to the blog – the place for advice and guidance on creating a Professional CV, to enable you to stand out from the crowd and get that dream job

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