How To Make A CV

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Tweet How To Make A CV The art of How To Make A CV is about information structure to communicate to most effectively to the reader. Simply, how do you put the candidates details down on 2 sheets of paper to match the job advert? There are two parts to answering the question of How […]

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When marketing goes badly wrong…

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Tweet In these modern times, it is often difficult to get traction for start-ups which are new into the market. Markets are crowded and there is much competition, so marketeers are forced to get more – creative. Often this leads to the use of what in modern terms be called “shock and awe” – in […]

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Contractor CV

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Tweet Contractor CV Professional Contractors are skilled experts in their specialist often technical field, having niche skills or extensive experience in multi-million dollar, time critical technologies or business projects. They are well paid, and are seen as providing value to clients for three major reasons: An instant hired experienced expert on a key subject A […]

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UK immigration death sentences – targets over policy, compassion, thought, and common sence

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Tweet I have always though and believed that the UK was a fair and open minded society, but I am out raged at the actions of our Labour government. When I lived in Kent, I knew what the immigration problem was – all I needed to do was to drive to Dover from Tunbridge Wells […]

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Tweet UK CV A UK CV differs some what from an American Resume, in that: The term CV – short for Curriculum Vitae – is used over the American term resume. The term Curriculum Vitae has the same meaning in both cultures, being longer in length and for an academic or medical position UK CV’s […]

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