Drugs, football – and succession management

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Tweet The US sprinter Antonio Pettigrew was in court in San Francisco last week, in the trial of athletics coach Trevor Graham, who has presently denied charges of lying to US federal authorities. The court heard Pettigrew testifying that Graham encouraged him to inject human growth hormone and EPO, both banned substances, from 1997. Pettigrew […]

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Five reasons why you don’t need a recruiter…..

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Tweet Recruitment photo credit: kawanet Many employers, particularly in these days of the well connected internet and jobs boards such as Monster, Jobsite, etc; wonder why they need to employ a recruitment company? The answer is – you don’t. It’s a free market, and you just don’t need to – its really your choice. So […]

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Want that job? Don’t rely on your lucky but unwashed pants…..

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Tweet Interview Technique This survey from employment law specialists Peninsula came across my desk this morning – oh, what a laugh! Of the 3024 workers interviewed, the survey found that……84% of respondents wear what they believe is, something lucky to get them through a job interview with 6 in 10 of these wearing lucky underwear. […]

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Unprofessional sledgehammer to crack a nut……

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Tweet As an engineer, its a great time – lots of things which couldn’t be, now can be. But, as a business person and as a consumer/buyer, there are some things which just prove that often, even when something is possible, it really shouldn’t be taken to market – hence, the sledgehammer to crack a […]

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Teenage tantrums, bad bosses and dishonest colleagues = Orwellian unemployment?

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Tweet What’s the toughest thing about finding your next job? The toughest thing about finding a job is finding the right job – well, yes, but those who have planned their careers never find this difficult. And those who haven’t just have to accept a bit of regression occasionally OK, well the toughest thing about […]

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