Do employers really need recruiters?

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Tweet Recruitment Emrah asks: Do employers really think recruiters know better who is the best choice for them, or are they actually looking for someone to blame when choices go wrong? In Answer: Employers who use recruiters for every recruitment exercise are probably those you don’t want to work for – low wages, high turnover, […]

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Over 40 make overs and CV/Resumes

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Tweet CV Writing photo credit: Gaetan Lee Frank asks: Although I am a male, I found this article in the Wall Street Journal of interest. It was about makeovers to get a position when one is over a certain age. What did you think of the article? What about resume makeovers? Personal appearance makeovers? What […]

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Length of CV/resume for a freelance employee

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Tweet Neil asks: I’ve been around for sometime – 16 SAP projects – and in consequence my CV is getting rather long (4 pages[1]). I’ve been reading around and it seems the current trend is to keep it to two. 8086 assembler and mainframe Adabas/Natural aren’t exactly a key selling points for an R/3 specialist, […]

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What’s it called: Resume, Curriculum Vitae or CV?

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Tweet Resume, Curriculum Vitae or CV? photo credit: viaphoto Jennifer asks: From a North American perspective, technically, the resume and the CV are two very different documents, but those terms are often used interchangeably, which seems to create confusion for everyone involved (including me!). We often have students that come in saying an employer has […]

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Professional versus self written CV/Resume

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Should you write your own CV/resume, or should you engage a professional writer? This article shows you the key questions to ask of yourself, and anyone you engage

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