Do I need a cover letter for a McJob?

- cover letter, Job Application

Tweet Nick asks: I was going to write a cover letter for a part-time job at a coffee shop. But then I realized that they probably don’t care. Thoughts? In answer:Personally, I would drop the CV/Resume and just send a well written Cover Letter. Imagine you are the coffee shop manager, and from your morning […]

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Should you embolden the important points on a cover letter?

- cover letter

Tweet Greg asks: Should I embolden the important points on my cover letter where they relate to the required skills of the job advertisement? In answer:The style guru’s have two answers to this: YES – because it shows you have the required skills NO – because its looks stylisticly awful, and suggests you think the […]

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Job I interviewed for still unfilled, best approach for follow up?

- Job Application, Job Application Rejection, job hunting, Job Interview

Tweet Melissa asks: I interviewed for a position in June (its now August), and did not hear anything. While browsing the company website I see that the position in still posted on their website as unfilled. I realize that there‚Äôs a chance that the site was not updated. What is the best way to approach […]

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What do you think of a CV/Resume that omits graduation and other dates?

- CV Writing, Job Application, job hunting, resume writing

Tweet Robert asks: What do you think of a resume that omits graduation and other dates? I received an e-mail from someone at a job web site in response to their offer of a free resume critique. One of the things it said was that if you graduated college more than 10 years go you […]

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How can I pass a six month review evaluation on my new job?

- career management, in job reviews

Tweet Pamela asks: How can I ace a six month review evaluation on my new job? In answer:By starting six months ago with an agreed set of conditions, skills and targets, which over the past six months at each monthly review you have brought up and agreed progress/or not against. Any professional manager/reviewer worth their […]

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