What prospect for UK unemployment in 2009?

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Tweet The credit crunch, created by the US housing market crisis, has so far not affected either headline UK consumer spending, or UK unemployment – but are the first signs of the rot now beginning to show? In summary – YES! We might not yet be seeing the scale of unemployment, but it is now […]

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Rise in UK national minimum wage – 1st October 2008

- DWP, Employment, HMRC, Legal, Minimum Wage, regulation

Tweet From Wednesday 1st October, the UK national minimum wage increases from £5.52 to £5.73 per hour for workers aged 22 and over, £4.77 for 18-21-year-olds and £3.53 for those aged 16 and 17. As is seen by the pursuit and prosecution of high-profile employers like Loch Fyne restaurants, not only are HM Revenue and […]

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Is CV/Resume writing really about opinion?

- curriculum vitae, CV Writing, Job Application, resume writing

Tweet Professional CV David asks: So much of CV/Resume writing is about opinion – what should or should not be on a resume – for IT management, should certain things be or not be on the resume? For example, I have had 9 books published, should I list them? Professional references, should they be listed? […]

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Is a two page CV/Resume enough?

- CV Writing, Job Application, resume writing

Tweet Bruce asks: For years, I’ve read and heard that your resume should be no more than 2 pages long and I can remember when I had a one page resume. Recently, I’ve been encouraged to expand my resume beyond two pages. I trust this individual’s opinion and his reasoning that I can’t do justice […]

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The visual CV or online Resume

- curriculum vitae, CV Writing, online cv, resume writing, visual cv

Tweet The visual CV/Resume is a modern internet format of the classical printed on wood pulped paper CV/Resume – but is it necessarily better, or ideal? In simplicity, a visual CV/Resume is an online version of your paper CV/Resume. So, you might be thinking then that you just upload your existing MSWord version, and life […]

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