Career change from mortgage sales to technology sales

- career coaching, career management, career transition

Tweet Matt Youngquist, an Executive Career Coach & Outplacement Consultant from Seattle, WA asks: As a career coach, I’m currently in the process of working with a mortgage sales professional who is intending to make a career shift into the field of technology sales. I’m therefore wondering whether anybody out there has any tips, advice, […]

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Redundancy rates rise, Pyramid schemes return

- redundancy

Tweet It has been reported by many media and investigative journalism programmes that the number of illegal pyramid schemes is on the rise. This fresh outcrop seems to be particularly prevalent in South Wales (our back garden, so hence why I am writing about it), and to be on the rise thanks in part to […]

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If you can’t afford a coach, what are professionals doing to support their professional growth?

- career coaching, career management, career planning

Tweet Do you need a Coach? photo credit: karpov the wrecked train Francine Allaire, Chief Life Strategist at The Daring, LLC asks: If you can’t afford a coach, what are professionals doing to support their professional growth? In answer: I love (?) the assumptive nature of this question: that everyone needs a coach; and that […]

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Facebook: employment liability

- career management, Disciplinary Procedure, discipline, Employment

Tweet Facebook: employment liability We are on Facebook, the social network: you can find me here: A very socially cool website valued at over $1Bn US dollars, on Facebook you can: See comments from your friends and new people Play scrabble or poker Find out where people are right now What people think of […]

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Secret “new job” search

- career change, career management, career transition, Employment, Job Application, job search

Tweet Secret New Job Search One of the advantages for the casual job seeker of the internet is to be contactable, but also to appear to your current employer that you are happy where you are. The number of business orientated social networking sites – including LinkedIn and VisualCV – means that you can say […]

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