Sunday Thoughts: "English is widely spoken, but not widely understood"

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Tweet I saw this quote recently, and smiled! When I ran the largest call centre design team for a large UK based TelCo, we always trained our guys to design systems around the customer experience, and data collection for the client (it amuses me when I think about it, that nominally those are two great […]

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What Percentage of Job Opportunities Are Listed Online?

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Tweet Steve asks: What Percentage of Job Opportunities Are Listed Online? I was asked this question in a session recently in my role as the President of PerfectJob Software, “What percentage of jobs are listed on the online job boards.” I gave an answer, but wasn’t comfortable that I really knew. So I went and […]

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Video CV resignation

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Tweet Video CV resignation There is a lot of debate at present about both the Online Profile and the Video CV – are they more effective than a piece of paper? But one thing that should be remembered about all CV’s, is that evidence follows you everywhere in the new online world. For instance, how […]

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How to Write a Cover Letter?

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Tweet Karen asks: I am wondering how best to write a Cover Letter for Banking/ Management Consulting jobs. I am hold a bachelor’s degree from a UK business school and am looking for jobs in these fields. Most will ask for a cover letter to join their graduate programs however I always dread writing them. […]

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What is the best, most ethical, and most professional way to present company financial achievements in your CV/Resume?

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Tweet CV Writing Mohammed asks: What is the best, most ethical, and most professional way to present certain company financial achievements that you were part of in your CV/Resume? In presenting certain financial achievements in your resume, What is more professional to use : Actual financial numbers ( For ex, increased A from 5 Millions […]

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