How do I leverage my experience to break into marketing?

- Education

Tweet Michael asks: I am currently a full-time student studying for an M.B.A in marketing. I am extremely passionate about marketing as a subject (from what I have been exposed to) more specifically strategy development but I don’t know where to begin nor if strategy development is considered a separate marketing dimension per se. I would […]

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Why do applicants send their CV to the CEO?

- Employer, recruiters

Tweet Professional CV Bob asks: I’ve been in staffing and recruitment for almost 19 years (both contingency search and corporate) and am puzzled at the logic behind sending your resume to the CEO of a company. Unless the company is relatively small (say less than 20 people) and the CEO is, in title only, the Chief […]

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Sunday Thoughts: changed, because I had to

- sunday thoughts

Tweet I was going to say much this Sunday, but in light of one piece of journalism, pulled it. I was going to say: That there is a miracle in modern science, in the worlds second face transplant in America: and a lesson for the economy, and hence jobs That Woolworths was a business that […]

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Do you think its okay to fib on my CV?

- CV Writing

Tweet Charles asks: I am writing a CV to use for a recruitment company….for them to get me a job….I have already been with them, never got any work, and now 3 months on, I have continued to do the same job. I am only applying for menial office jobs, do you think it matters if […]

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Measuring the metrics is key to improving your job application success

- career transition, Education, Job Application, NGO/NFP

Tweet Sam asks: I’m 24 and have a degree and masters but can’t even get an interview from the jobs I am applying for, it’s really frustrating. I’m thinking maybe my application forms are rubbish because I have office experience and clearly done a lot of studying so I think I am suitable for the […]

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