Returning to a former career path

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Tweet Career Management A number of people in this modern world have changed and developed their careers in various, but at the time logical, directions. Some, and a growing number of them, find they have chosen the wrong career path, or just want to go back and do something which they see as simpler and […]

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Win a Job Search

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Tweet Job Search Just Read the Advert at Least Four Times! Do I look like Superman? No, but why is it that I, and many other CV/resume writers get called superman – or Wonder Woman for our female more than equals – when none of us wear our red underwear outside our clothing? Could it […]

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Jobs board Monster hit by second security breach

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Tweet Jobs board Monster has been struck by a second electronic security breach in less than 18months, after hackers stole the basic profile data (covering at least: name, eMail, password, address, and basic bio data of age), of the majority of the registered account users on its entire global database.Users around the world have been […]

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CV Interests

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One of the most often asked questions when writing a CV is on the CV Interests section. Quite often people are unsure as to what to add here, let alone how to write it. The bottom line is that an interests section is optional. Most bland internet templates include an interests section because they can be quite useful to school leavers and early careers, and templates have to be applicable to many different readers and job seekers.

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Back to Work after a medical condition

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Tweet Back to Work photo credit: Hitchster Back to Work or Getting Work after a period of treatment for a health related issue can be difficult, but something which is not often talked about or discussed in professional circles from the employees’ view point. The Credit Crunch and resultant Economic Downturn is not an easy […]

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