Security Clearance in a CV/Resume

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Tweet Job Application Rick asks: What is an appropriate way to indicate on a resume that I have formerly held a security clearance and should be eligible to have it renewed? Holding a security clearance is a definite plus for a job applicant. I’ve held some in the past, but they have expired when I […]

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Why is the world of work organized around lying?

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Tweet Attitude is Altitude! Amy asks: Virtually everyone I know presents a totally different face to their boss. People are training themselves in “interview techniques”, which usually involves “saying what they want to hear”. I have to put a bunch of fake descriptions on my CV to fit in into the work world, even I […]

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Is it worth it to get your CV/resume professionally written?

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Tweet CV Writing Andrew asks: I have had my CV/resume critiqued endlessly and I know that its not in the best condition possible. I wanted to get my resume professionally written. If anyone has gone through this route, can anyone shed some light on whether its worth it or not? And if it is, I […]

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Wobbly breasts and two day old burgers – all in the world of employment!

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Tweet Employment! Two stories hit the news last week, which reflect how current legislation law is being reflected into cases, and how some bosses are reacting to the recession. Employee Complaints procedures: Allwyn Rondeau, 47, received a £67,500 payout after an employment tribunal ruled that he had suffered discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. […]

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What interests should I put on CV for a flight attendant?

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Tweet CV Interests Julie asks: I am wondering what interests should I put for cv as a flight attendant… I have already put a few but it seems too little. Thank you in advance! In answer: I think a better question is, do you need to include any interests at all? If they add skills […]

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