I just can’t get a job!

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Tweet Job Search Jimmy asks: Desperately seeking advice, I am so frustrated beyond belief! I really cant understand it! I’m 41 ex British Army have never been out of work until now. I have sent my CV to so many companies, and yet they don’t even bother to acknowledge – WHY? I fully understand this […]

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Cardiff Jobs

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Change name: how do I put it on my CV/resume?

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Tweet Change Name photo credit: Sarah G… Christine asks: I’m changing my name: how do I put it on my resume/CV? I am changing my name from my married name back to my maiden name. However, as I work in the academic and research world, I have four publications listed under my married name. I […]

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Should Social Media information be a reason for job rejection?

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Tweet Social Media photo credit: mandiberg Tony asks: I’ve just had an argument with one of my friends who works for the HR dept of her company for disqualifying a candidate, not because of his rich experience, great educational background or excellent references but rather the things she happened to dislike that were on his […]

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Don’t write a Cover Letter!

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Tweet Cover Letter photo credit: Svadilfari The great “do I or don’t I write a Cover Letter” debate carries on with renewed gusto, particularly in the modern eMail world. Many guru’s argue that in an eMail, Cover Letters are not required. They are of course right, in that the eMail is your Cover Letter. So […]

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