Job Application Statistics

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Tweet Job Application Statistics Today, I want to show you a chart I hope as a Job Seeker or someone undertaking a Job Search that you will never forget when completing a Job Application. Why? Because every day this chart shocks me, and its why as a recruitment company we came into the Job Applicant […]

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Economic Recovery Employment

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Tweet Economic Recovery Employment It is fairly clear that economically, various global economies are in recovery from recession. This is both true for countries – France, Germany – as well as sectors: car manufacture. But it is not true of every country – the UK; every sector – steel; or every company – Toyota. Why? […]

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Desperate Job Search

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Tweet Desperate Job Search = Rejection! As a recruiter, every job applicant or candidate who applies for a job we advertise is always the only choice as far as they are concerned for the position, being eminently qualified and having more than the required level of experience. Some add that they are 100% confident that […]

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Job Interview Hair Styles

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Tweet Job Interview Hair Styles Job Interviews are about two things: Confirming you have the applicable skills you claim to have in your CV/resume Showing you will socially fit in with the organisation Confirm – not necessarily complete – those two issues, and the job is yours: easy. But, you would be amazed and shocked […]

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Bipolar return to work

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Tweet Bipolar return to work Mark asks: What should I put on my CV after being out of work due to Bipolar? The last time I worked was in June 2008. In October 2008 I applied for a number of jobs but mainly due to ongoing problems with Bipolar Disorder, I wasn’t able to take […]

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