Telephone Interview

- Telephone Interview

Tweet Telephone Interview The telephone interview places three obstacles in front of the job seekers The challenge of questions A restrictive communications environment The need for clear communication and presentation is paramount Fail any of these challenges, and that ideal job becomes but a “thank you for your application” letter. How would you like to […]

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Reject Job Applications

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Tweet Reject Job Applications When I first came into the world of recruitment and employment full time, two things suddenly struck me: That, on average in the typical job search, we were dismissing half of the job applications at the first stage: sifting That, to a great extent, the dismissed applications were dealt with as […]

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How to search for a job?

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Tweet How to search for a job? If you were undertaking a job search, one of the actions you could take to improve your chances and speed employment would be to go and ask the experts: employers, recruiters, other job seekers. I mean, surely, they must know how to search for a job, right? However, […]

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Recruitment Process

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Tweet Recruitment Process One of the questions I often ask job seekers when advising them, is do you understand the recruitment process? Often, they look at me quizzically, and think I must have gone mad. Why would they need to understand the recruitment process, it is the same at every company and anyway, the job […]

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Employment Contract Law

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Tweet Employment Contract Law Sue asks: In May 2008, I joined my present employer and signed a regular Contract of Employment. The hours were scheduled Monday to Friday, 9-6. In March 2009, they asked me to work shifts, promising that soon a new position would have been made available for me, that suited more my […]

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