Paid Job Board

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Tweet Paid Job Board Dave, an oil rig worker, asks: Can job sites that ask for a fee before you can upload a CV be trusted? I’m currently looking for work on a offshore oil rig but many of the job boards I find ask for a fee. What do you think? In answer: Yes, […]

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Job Application: Unpaid Wages and HMRC!

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Tweet Job Application: Unpaid Wages and HMRC! Penelope, a shop worker, asks: What should I do? Should I put this on my CV? I worked six months for a shop. The guy in the end wasn’t paying taxes and stole my money. I found out that he hadn’t even registered his company with the revenue […]

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Employment Gaps

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Tweet Employment Gaps Sam, an Assurance Associate at PWC, asks: My last date for an employer was August 26. Can I put on my CV that I worked from Sep 2007 to Sep 2009 as the dates? Since I worked pretty much all of August, is it OK to have these these dates on my […]

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Solving Job Search Depression

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Tweet Solving Job Search Depression In this economy at present, it is a common situation amongst job seekers: getting depressed due to the lack of results in their job search. We shouldn’t be surprised that many do get depression during their extended job search, but what does surprise me is that when I talk through […]

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Linkedin Jobs: Q&A?

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Tweet Linkedin Jobs: Q&A? Dave Lawson asks: How do Recruiters and Hiring Managers look upon LinkedIn Q&A? Many people participate in Q&A under the assumption that it improves their overall resume. Yet, how do recruiters and hiring managers look upon participation in Q&A? Do you review the Q&A contributions of potential candidates? Are numbers – […]

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