Professional CV: customer confidentiality

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Tweet Professional CV: customer confidentiality Sam, a software developer, asks: How specific can you be in your CV when talking about projects you have worked on? I am looking to updating my Professional CV and personal website with details of projects I have worked on for external clients in my current role. Is it okay […]

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Investment Banking Pay

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Tweet Investment Banking Pay With the publication this week of the Walker Review, the issues which came to drag the global economy, and particularly the British economy, down into recession have been revisited by the media, particularly when Walker himself gives a huge pointed sign to them that they should. One of Walkers main conclusions […]

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Quality Job Applicant

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Tweet Quality Job Applicant As an engineer, it always annoys me when scientific words are miss-used, particularly in marketing applications. For instance, the word quality. As a recruiter, I often hear employer clients say “Thank you. That was a quality job applicant.” Where as actually, if they said anything else, I would see that as […]

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Elevator Pitch

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Tweet Elevator Pitch You may not have heard of it before, but I know from the results we see through our Professional CV service, that creating an Elevator Pitch is the most important step you can take in CV Writing or winning your Job Search. Why? What if you had a statement – known as […]

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Serious CV advice

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Tweet Serious CV advice James asks: I’ve got quite a serious problem regarding my last place of employment on my CV, because I was dismissed. I worked at a bank from November 2008 to March 2009. This is the first job listed on my CV. Previous to that, I worked for a marketing firm from […]

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