Merry Christmas!

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Tweet Merry Christmas! A nice simple post for this Christmas Eve – Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you and your family make merry, keep safe, and relax a bit – its been a tough year in the world of employment. The office will be closed from 12:00 today, and the schedule over the holiday […]

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Industrial Relations: British Airways 1970s style?

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Tweet Industrial relations: British Airways 1970s style? I was going to write a blog entry last week re the industrial relations dispute at British Airways, but decided to wait until the weekend for both the media reaction and reflection of the High Court strike ban on what was deemed an illegal ballot. I thought that […]

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Worst CV ever?

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Tweet Worst CV ever? Kay, an HR manager, asks: As a hiring manager or recruiter, what was the WORST CV that you ever laid eyes on and why? I would say the worst I have ever seen (this was years ago) was hand written in pencil which compelled me no less to read on. It […]

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Sex at work!

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Tweet Sex at work! Today is the last Friday before Christmas, a traditional night for many employers to arrange their office party. On the menu will be: fun, merryment, traditional Christmas meal, over indulgence on the alcohol, then bring on Noddie Holder and a dance floor! Plus it is the one time in the year […]

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Job Search: qualifications transfer

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Tweet Job Search: qualifications transfer Tauraz asks: I am a Overseas Qualified Pharmacist, but due to regulations in the UK, I cant practice as a Pharmacist. I completed a Masters degree in Business from a very reputed UK University and I have 3 months experience as a Territory Manager selling Speciality products (Vaccines-Hormones). I presently […]

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