Strikes v Negotiation: lesson for the job seeker

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Tweet Strikes v Negotiation: lessons for the job seeker Today’s UK public sector strikes about pension rights seem to have garnered some sympathy, but little solid support amongst the present generally down trodden and high taxed British public. We only have to look at the recent plethora of Administration announcements for the High Street to […]

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Situation Task Action Result

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Just revise your LinkedIn Profile?

- LinkedIn, Marketing

Tweet Just revise your LinkedIn Profile? We are often asked to “just revise my LinkedIn profile,” but many potential customers are disappointed when they first see the price: pretty much the same as our CV Writing prices. I have learnt through some bitter experience that actually “just writing a LinkedIn profile” takes a lot more […]

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How to set up a Social Media based Job Search

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Tweet How to set up a Social Media based Job Search On many occasions, the first disappointment for any employer who receives a job application is how inappropriately the CV and whole job application is aimed at their job. Generally this is due to the candidate simply doing just “click to apply” and not worrying […]

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LinkedIn Search: finding and connecting

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Tweet LinkedIn Search: finding and connecting I was going to post something else about LinkedIn today. But after receiving so many spam-like messages from various covert internet marketers over the past few weeks, and discovering that a leading  Internet Marketer is now saying to his followers that “there’s no money on Facebook, so get to […]

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