Why do good job seekers get rejected?

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How can I secure that job?

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Tweet How can I secure that job? You have worked hard and applied in all the right ways with the right Professional CV, and managed to obtain a job interview. having got so close after such a long time, your next question is: How can I secure that job? I see this all the time, […]

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A-Level Results 2011

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Tweet A-Level Results 2011 As a country, we’ve got education wrong… Today is the day in the UK when the A-Levels results are announced. Congratulations to those who got their required results, and please don’t give up hope those who didn’t quite get what they wanted. Life still goes on, you can still achieve your […]

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CV Distribution

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Careers Advice: the easy matrix method

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Tweet Careers Advice: the easy matrix method As a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I have seen many methods of giving job seekers Careers Advice. These normally split into two forms: Psyche testing Blue sky thinking Now, while these are great for school leavers and recent graduates, they don’t work for most experienced job seekers. […]

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