Future jobs killer…

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Tweet Future jobs killer… One of the key issues when selecting which jobs to apply for, is to know what new technologies are coming down the development track. When testing a market for employability, our guide has always been to look for 50 jobs. You can get employed with less, but 50 says bouyant employable […]

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JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage?

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Tweet JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage? The governments welfare to work programme seems like a wise idea: get unemployed people back to work, by putting them in work and hence giving them the idea of doing work. After a short while, they move on to doing other better paid work. But yesterday leading […]

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What’s Love got to do with ….. Successful Job Search?

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Tweet What’s Love got to do with ….. Successful Job Search? It’s Valentine’s Day, and I suppose we have to talk above love. What, in the work environment? A few thoughts…. While one third of couples meet at work… The number of employment related cases of sexual abuse and harrasment is rising No, not in […]

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Do you have a dead cat bounce network?

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Tweet Do you have a dead cat bounce network? Every week for the past 36 months, someone has applied for a job or we have a job seeker who needs a Professional CV, and one of their core problems that leads them to our door is the fact that they have what I now call […]

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