What learning to fly taught me about job choice and career happiness

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Tweet What learning to fly taught me about job choice and career happiness! If you have read this blog is much detail, then you will know that I have little practical faith in a psychometric test as a way of selecting potential future employees. This doesn’t mean that I dismiss psychometric tests. If you have […]

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Self Employment UK

- Self Employment UK

Tweet Self Employment UK So, you decide like many in this tough employment market, to go into Self Employment UK. If you look at the various employment statistics, one of the reasons that the unemployed rate is not climbing as quickly as it could (should?), is that a growing numbers are choosing self employment in […]

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Marketing Jobs

- Marketing Jobs

Tweet Marketing Jobs There are lots of different types of Marketing Jobs, but is there one simple one concept of how to apply for them? As a professional recruiter and Professional CV Writer, what always amazes me when someone mentions the need for a Marketing Job CV or asks us for CV Help with regards […]

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