Employment law changes: April 2012

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Tweet Employment law changes April 2012 So, what was last week like for you? Get a new job, get made redundant, or were you in Jeremy Hunt or David Cameron’s position and get hounded by the press? Or, you could have been sat in the UK Supreme Court, watching the world of UK employment change […]

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My dream job just got advertised! Do you know what yours looks like?

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Tweet My dream job just got advertised! Do you know what yours looks like? Should I be writing a blog today? Not sure, don’t think so, I should be filling out a job application for my dream job! But, when we start out by providing our Free CV Review service, and ask job seekers two […]

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Agency Work

- Agency Work, Temporary Jobs

Tweet Agency Work Temporary Job How to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job Even though as a recruitment agecy we don’t handle Agency Work, I often get asked how to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job. The system I keep recommending works time after time, and very quickly, and its quite easy to […]

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Job Application: interface and handling

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Tweet Job Application: Interface and Handling While the internet tries to make Job Application easier, there’s an age old problem of the Employment Process that makes Job Application more difficult. What type of interface and handling are you dealing with? You may have made a few job applications, and you may be accepting of the […]

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To call or not to call?

- Job Application

Tweet To call or not to call? Or, when should you follow up? (NB: The answer is to act professionally, and leave the door open!) Often over a chat with a job seeker, or in a job seeking forum, I am often faced with the question: “Should I call, or not?” The other form of […]

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