5 Steps To Employment

So, if you have read the other part of this story of why we offer a Professional CV Writing Service, then you will know that it is because I started out with a question, Why Do Good Job Seekers Get Rejected?

The result was the Job Seeking Model, which outlines the three fits – Technical, Social and Magnetic fit – which were essential to be able to create the overall Rapport to get employed:

The question then came: how did I turn that into a better way of getting employed? The answer is…

5 Steps To Employment

The model I developed, and on which our services are based, is this one:
The 5 Steps are:

  1. What Have You Got:
  2. What Do You Want To Do AND Who’s Hiring?
  3. Job Application
  4. Job Interview
  5. Package Negotiation

So why 5 Steps? Because that was the minimum number that I could get the process into, and explain it!

Some when seeing the model want to understand why I put What Do You Want To Do and Who’s Hiring together? I think if I had created this in any other time but a global recession, then they might be separate. But, the problem at the moment is both a high number of job seekers and a low number of jobs. So putting the two together means that you don’t go searching for a job that is not being hired for (at a reasonable rate of getting employed).

The links above take you to the five separate articles which explain each step, and why it is important.

If you have any questions, then send us a message here.

Good Luck!

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You are angels! My CV was been turned from a four page long and rambling life story to a job winning document - yes, I am now employed. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Barbara, HR Professional.

I am writing to thank you for your professional approach. Although successful in business, I realise now that a professional CV makes all the difference to gaining a job, however impressive my previous achievements are. I now have both a focused initial CV and a referenced and structured portfolio to back up my career achievements, which with a dynamic approach resultantly helped me to secure a number of interviews.
Graham, Divisional Managing Director.

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