50 ways to leave your lover – only 4 to leave your job!

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As stated by the excellent Paul Simon in his own lyrics, there are 50 ways to leave your lover. But here, we are only interested in the four ways to leave your job – and none are to be included on your CV/resume!

The four ways to leave your job are:

  1. Better prospects
  2. Better pay
  3. Relocation
  4. Termination – which includes reason for health

Why don’t employers want to know why you left your positions? Here are the possible reasons behind the four ways to leave your job:

  1. You are ambitious, and will do anything to reach your goals
  2. You are mercenary – for how much now is just the question?
  3. You don’t know what you want, but it might not be here
  4. Who cares! If health, the only question: is it now resolved?

In actual fact, much as though potential employers, and particularly their HR people, don’t care why you left; they do want to know why you joined the next company. These are reasons or drivers they can build into a job if they want to employ you, and hence try to retain you. So the answer to getting your next job is not why you left, but in the motivation to join. Particularly, HR people love to see a managed and thought through “track” of your career: is it heading in a consistent path and direction? All interviewers are trained to explore career management, so when writing your CV, a key issue to communicate is track of career path.

For instance, much as though you may have left jobA because of the better pay at jobB; but I bet jobB had a better title that looked more managerial or for those with experience over jobA? Hence the reason you left jobA would be to increase your managerial exposure to a bigger workload. What if you moved sideways? Then you moved to broaden you experience in the area in which your career is, to show a wider understanding of the market.

In summary, never mention why you left an organisation, but always think how you would answer the question on why you joined the next one in interview.

Good Luck!

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