A whole new game? Or perhaps just an old one revamped…

Friday, February 29th, 2008 - Uncategorized

Here are a selection of people asking for a game – can you guess what?

  • Bi women only, happy with couples
  • females who have yahoo or msn for chatting
  • (from a man) a game with B I and married guys only
  • looking for kinky woman between 21-35 who is into fetishes and willing to talk 😉
  • If I mentioned that it’s originators are currently in a copyright and trademarks dispute with two of the worlds biggest games distributors, would that help? OK, how about this request….

  • Looking to play with a naughty woman… it’d be great to have some friendly exhibitionistic/voyeuristic msn fun xxx fun! Oh… and some Scrabble too!
  • I remember my mother and my grandmother being wizz Scrabble players, and wanting us kids to play continually to learn how to spell – so imagine their or any parents delight at an online version: or perhaps not!!!

    Scrabulous – where the MyLittlePony club come face to face with the MyLeatherClad club. Each to their own, but will Scrabulous be both Facebooks greatest application, and its eventual (legal and moral led) downfall?

    I think – YES. It’s really just a matter of time…..

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