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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 - Aldi Jobs

Aldi Jobs

We haven’t done of these for a while, but I was in a library earlier this week using a computer (the temp office printer/photocopier was broken), and saw a young man beside me apply for a Job at Aldi. So, here we go.

History of Aldi

ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG was established in 1913, when the mother of Karl and Theo Albrecht opened a small store in a suburb of Essen, Germany. After World War 2, the brothers expanded the business to 13 stores by 1950. They kept stores small, and removed goods that either did not sell or may deteriorate: so no fresh produce. They then started rebating the 3% coupon at the checkout, something which even the Co-ops didn’t do.

The brothers split the business in 1960, over a dispute over the sale of cigarettes at the till. Today the relatives of Theo Albrecht own Aldi Nord (he died in 2010), while Karl Albrecht owns Aldi Süd, the arm which operates in the United Kingdom.

“We buy the best for less, so you can too”

Aldi’s common strap line is “Spend a little Live a lot”, but they also use the less common “We buy the best for less, so you can too”. This for me sums how Aldi sees itself tied to its customers.

Aldi stores are not stark, but simple. They are also built to a common design. The stores are well stocked but with few lines, which are mainly own-label and procured from a few select suppliers. Aldi hence leverage large discounts, which are passed onto their customers. They also don’t spend a lot on in store marketing. Before the Wales-wide plastic bag ban, Aldi was one of the few shops to charge for plastic bags – one of their ways of saving on your shopping bill.

Aldi currently have around a 3% share of the UK grocery market spend, and have an installed base of 400 stores in the UK. Interestingly, one of the questions that Aldi ask many of their prospective employees, is have you visited an Aldi store? In the lower grades, they greatly encourage you to do so before applying.

Jobs at Aldi

Aldi have a specialist UK Recruitment portal, which can be found at It simple, plain, easy to read and well laid out. It offers four types of opportunity:

  • Graduate
  • Store: which is divided into retail and distribution
  • Placement
  • Apprenticeship

However, like many good jobs portals there is also an About Us section, which links to the main Aldi UK website. The only thing I can hence see wrong with the front page, is that its copyright 2010! As you delve into the website, a few things become clear:

  • The website genuinely reflects the company. Its bright, simple and easy to engage at both the design and written level
  • The stance is quite open. You can go to most sections of the website, look at a particular type of job, and they will tell you all about it, the package that that job will provide, and most often a case study of a typical worker in that position
  • All the jobs I could find require you to confirm that you have a UK driving license, that you own a car, and specifically ask that you are eligible to work in the UK

The only thing that the website doesn’t reflect is that Aldi expect you to work hard! Although the words say this, the website itself, mainly through its design, is easy to navigate.

Aldi Jobs: apply online

Unlike in a normal jobs portal review, I decided with this one that I would register.

After asking for your name, address, contact details and National Insurance number on page1, on page2 you enter your qualifications, and then on page3 your work history. I’ll be honest, and say that I only filled in basic details, but the system is easy to operate (but the text is a little small!).

On page4 is when we get into the real job application. There are four questions here – and I won’t give away the secret, because that’s the whole point of these types of job application question. However, I will say that if you understand the job of retail, then these are four great questions. You have 100 words in which to answer each, and you can save your answers and come back later if you want to do some research.

In summary: Aldi Jobs

I like Aldi’s jobs portal. Its easy to access, easy to read, and gives great information by showing typical job applicants what they might expect of a job at Aldi. Once you get into job application, then there are lots of questions, but nothing too onerous if you want to work in retail. The only down side: the small size of the text while applying!

A great jobs portal, which I score 5/5, and much as I am sure you will work hard, they certainly seem like a great company to work for.

Good Luck with your Aldi Jobs application!


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