Are we Anglo’s really that dumb?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 - Blog

I set off very early around the M25 this morning for what will hopefully be one of my last “from home” trips around this most awful car park – 20mph average to Heathrow!

After listening to the Farmers News, Radio4’s ever informative Today program came on. There was a very numbing article on a gentleman who by the end of this month will have visited every pub in the 1983 edition of the Good Pub Guide – sad!

However, the most horrific article was a short mention on the news that a group had attack a Sikh temple in London

What? Are we ethnic Anglo’s really that dumb in this modern society that we don’t know the difference between two religion’s? And why incite racial hatred further in this modern multi-ethnic society, after the atrocities of last Thursday – let’s just play into the hands of these terrorists.

When the News Of The World led it’s Sunday edition, not with a “pant’s down footballer/MP” special, but an article comparing two young British women – one Christian, one Muslim – but both victims of last Thursday. And when the leaders of the Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and CoE faiths can hold a joint press conference to seek to hold and develop the weave between all peoples of faiths in Britain in these difficult times: surely the last of the “little britian” community with the help of the rest of us, can at last get up and smell the coffee?

What hope a truly integrated multi-ethnic society, when we dumb Anglo’s don’t know anything about our fellow British brethren – but the colour of their skin?

I truly believe that a rather awfully romanticised/created Empire legacy has given us a unique advantage in competing globally going forward – we are a melting pot for the world and it’s needs, delivered through the power of free speech, debate and the law: OK, perhaps a bit too much free speech at times.

Please, let’s not let one isolated radical and twisted diatribe of a peaceful religion take us back wards. Have we forget far too quickly the lessons of Northern Ireland, and how it was ripped apart for centuries through a similar “aggressive debate” and mis-understanding?

We all need to fight these terrorists, and not let them rip our society apart – even if they are inside our modern British culture

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