Are you allowed to put your date of birth on your CV?

Friday, February 13th, 2009 - CV Writing, Job Application, resume writing, tutorial

Date of Birth

Daniel asks: I am applying for new jobs at the moment, and have been told not to put my date of birth on there anymore as there is some new law about age discrimination? I don’t think my age will go against me so am I allowed to to leave my age on my CV or are employers not allowed to interview a person if there age has been put on the CV? I’m not sure if it’s something you can choose to leave on or now?

In answer:

Simply Daniel, you can put your date of birth on your CV, or not – it is your choice as the applicant.

The law on age discrimination is aimed at employers and recruiters, who can not ask for your date of birth, religeon, race, etc in an initial job application. They can only specifiy the skills required, license/qualifications and if it requires any specific physical effort defined by health and safety procedures.

If you feel that an advert from an employer or recruiter is breaking the law, report it to the UK Department of Labour. Use the Employment pages at to guide you.

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