Art gets reaction, CV’s get a phone call

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Art gets reaction, CV’s get a phone call

One & Other

You may be aware that artist Anthony Gormley presently has an art exhibition on in London’s Trafalgar Square, called “One & Other,” running from July 6th through to October 14th 2009.

The art in the piece is that anyone can apply via a dedicated one and other website to become part of the art creation, which enables you to do anything you want for an hour on the infamous fourth plinth. Your chances of getting on the plinth are about 1 in 10

What could you do? I don’t know, ask for a job?

Here is my though on Gormley’s art piece: its a brilliant success! Couldn’t care less and don’t mind what people do with their own hour, its a success. Why? Because it has got a pile of publicity, attention, and hence viewing. And in summary, that is the pont of modern art – and a CV

CV’s get a phone call

In the past week, I have viewed three distinct and different CV’s:

  • The most over bulletted I have ever read: 207 bullets
  • An American executive CV. I scored it with what I term a Harry Potter, 9 and 3/4’s out of 10
  • A student CV

None of them were perfect, and none of them were that bad, but the one which got a job quickest was – the student CV.

Why? because it was written around how the person fitted that job applied for, and hence stirred the right “I like – must pick up the phone” emotion in the targeted employer. The other two were written in isolation, one by the job seeker and one by a certified professional resume writer. As a recruiter, I picked out three minor but fatal errors within the first inch of that one.

Modern art, and sculpture in particular, is about emotional reaction. It doesn’t need to make sense or portray anything like a Victorian-esque classical horse painting, it just needs to create an emotion. Good or bad, the artiste couldn’t care less, its the reaction they feed off of. It is hence why they use form and material in different ways to create reaction.

CV writing is much the same, but here’s the crucial difference. Most CV’s are written in isolation – by an individual job seeker, by a professional CV writer – around a bespoke client commission: the job seeker. The reaction to the CV is therefore from completely the wrong audience – the job seeker, not the employer.

Much as though artiste’s couldn’t care less what reaction they get, they just want a reaction. Where as CV’s must create pick up the phone action.

Perfect CV?

You can and should write an initial bespoke stand alone CV, but if it doesn’t get a pick up the phone reaction (if you are getting less than 1 interview in 5 job applications, something is wrong), it is not working. How can you achieve this? There are three key issues:

  • Always get your CV read by at least three friends – one of whom is a women – before you apply for any jobs. Take in their feedback, and apply it. You can of course also use our Free CV Review Service
  • Learn to read job adverts. Selecting the right job’s to apply for, and then crafting your CV to that job is essential. You don’t need to rewrite the CV every time, just adjust and craft
  • If you don’t get a reaction to a job you really wanted, pick up the phone and ask for feedback on the basis of wanting to improve your job application technique. Not many HR departments will take a call from a rejected job applicant, but they will from an individual accepting the job is filled and wanting to learn why

Good CV writing – like sculpture, its needs a reaction: pick up the phone by the employer

Good Luck!

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  1. Mathias Ericsson Says:

    Yes you are right, CV’s get a call. The article shows the importance of CV. Thank You! Mathias

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