Pre-employment screening before job offer?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 - Banking Jobs, candidate, Job Application

Emma asks: I interviewed with a bank for a customer service position. When the interview wrapped up the interviewer said I moved on to the next step, which was pre-employment screening. I took the drug test and got fingerprinted. Does this mean that when the results come back in my favor I will be offered the job? I’ve interviewed for a position like this at other places and I always have to take an assessment before the interview. In this case I haven’t done that. I’m assuming the assessment will come later. Does anyone know if it’s almost a for sure thing after getting screened?

In answer:

Thanks to the financial services regulations which have become prevalent in the last few years, banking is now probably the second toughest sector for pre-employment checking after the secret services.

In the normal routine, you should expect:

  • at least three interviews, one possibly an HR/psychology focused
  • a medical
  • some form of test, which can involve matriculation and psychology in different parts
  • a criminal records check
  • full checking of your at least three references. They may be rejected if you have not seen them in the last three years, and one may be a physical meeting

Banks can be selective because the regulation insists they are, and up until the last 12 months they normally provided well paid and secure employment, with access to lower cost financial services. I have known candidates undertake processes for what seemed like simple teller jobs take six months to go through all the checks.

If in doubt with an potential employer, ask them what their process is. Most will explain this at the start of the process, but don’t mind asking clarification questions or restating it.

Good Luck!


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