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Job Offers

Suddenly: EMPLOYED!
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Charmaine asks: I have received a better job offer from one company after starting a new job in another company. What is the best way to handle this?

In answer:
It used to happen a great deal before the current economy, and still does for some people, but the two step process is still the same: what is best for you; once you have decided on that, be open.

You hopefully choose the current employer and job for very solid reasons, based mostly on what you want to achieve and hence what they can provide you with in skills, capability and experience you can write on your CV/resume. If you choose them because that was the only job offer you had, then that changes the situation, but most don’t choose a job because they know they will hate it.

  • Money is temporary: it is simply a reward for donating your time to do someone else’s job.
  • Time is irreplaceable: it is how you effectively use your time which defines how fulfilled life you will have

Smart Goals

Accepting that anyone can become a millionaire these days in what ever they really want to do, it is what you use that money for which gets you what you want in life. Although the money may be better, if you have to effectively work twice as many hours or spend large amounts of time away from home, what is the total job return?

Hence, before making any career choice, always think:

If that’s my goal, how quickly can I reach it using pathA over pathB?

I get further clarity for’s clients by asking them:

What will you be able to write on your CV/resume in 2years time, if you took that job?

If you have clear goals, then the skills and experience you gain will provide the rewards – on both a personal as well as financial level – that you desire.

Once you are clear on which job gets you to your goals quicker and in a more assured way, be open with both companies. If you decide to accept the alternate, get the key issues to reach your goals written down in the contract offer: they are asking you to leave, and nice words don’t count! If you decide to stay, sit down with your boss and say why you decided to stay: you should find he says thank you, and pays more attention to you reaching those goals than before.

I see too many unhappy in life people who have taken better paying jobs, and only later realised the pay was not the main gain.

Good Luck!

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