Broad technical experience – how to present it?

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Howard asks: Over the years I have worked with several small teams in quite “changeable” companies – this has resulted in a lot of experience in a lot of areas, but not exactly focussed expertise. What’s the best way to present this “jack-of-all-trades” type of experience without it appearing negative or CV-padding? Is it even seen as a negative, and why?

In answer:

As a UK recruiter specialising in IT and Telecom, and running a Professional CV writing service, it is a typical problem with technologists and engineers Howard. As the technology moves, so does the skill set – but often, people have a particular love for a certain technology, so want to keep it on their CV.

I think the factor missed here is: what do you want to do? To help that along, it often helps to see how people describe themselves across the Social Networking platforms, and your self description is consistently found under a Google CV search as:

System/Network Admin with in-house software development experience on a variety of platforms. Particular interest in software integration and monitoring.

Now, that to me sounds like a great description of what you want to do – unless of course like many, its an old description.

Accepting technology moves on, you will accept some of your way back skills are probably no longer needed in the market and are a bit rusty – but they do show your deep interest in software development and integration. Remember, HR managers who will be first to review your CV and will authorise any hire, will just be looking at the deployable skill sets required by the job description – hiring managers may look at more and deeper skill sets.

A CV is a factually based sales pitch against a particular job – no more, and no less. Decide what you like and want to do next and focus your CV as such, adjusting the personal statement and skill sets deployed as required for each job application.

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Good Luck!

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