Bunny Girls laid……… off!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 - career management, credit crunch, job relocation

It’s a sad side kick of the credit crunch, but the redundancies made in the financial sector have resulted in a number of companies in subsidiary services and associated market – including Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire laying off Bunny Girls – being forced in light of the down turn to make people redundant.

The downturn in the construction industry – did you know that half of the Rolls Royce and Bentley cars sold in the world are sold to people in the construction and property market – has resulted in UK luxury marque Aston Martin reportedly selling fewer than 20cars in August 2008, compared to over 180 in the run-up to the new 57 reg in September 2007.

What can employee’s do about this changed climate? The simple answer is – be prepared. Look at your skills and aspirations, and start to think about what you would do if redundancy came? Don’t assume the person who offered you a job even six months ago will still have an opening now, so have at least three options prepared – one up, one sides ways, and one downwards ALL of which for long term corporate employees should be to outside opportunities. Once you have decided on a plan, undertake a quick review of you CV/Resume – we at Ajiru are happy to undertake this for FREE.

Be prepared, and – Good Luck!

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