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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 - career change, CV Writing, Job Application

Business Owner CV

Sarah asks: I am a photographer who needs a resume. I have worked for myself for 20 years, but I am now a personal chef as well making healthy meals. I need to make a resume by Monday. I don’t know how to since I have worked for my self for 20 years – any suggestions?

In answer:
Download one of our instant CV/Resumes packs, which comes with a free guidance eBook and 10 templates. Should take you three hours solid work, plus at the moment you get a free review

However, if that’s too long a process/too much effort, and you need something REALLY quick, then simply – write a letter. Open with your/their address and a date, Dear Sir and then…
– Paragraph1: job I am applying for
– Paragraph2: in a bulleted format, the last five years of career/three jobs (which ever is more extensive), with three keys achievements for each post and why you left/chnaged
– Paragraph3: reasons you are applying for the job
– Say thank you, and sign out!

HR people and recruiters focus on your last three jobs/five years of work, what you achieved, and why you left/changed – so simply give them that on one sheet of paper.

Good Luck!

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