Can I get a job offer generated from my online profile?

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Andrej asks: Would you think about to offer me a job if you look at my profile? And what kind of? I have never heard of a reporter getting a job without showing (written or video) clips. But my question is really only about whether my profile could attract some attention or not. I really do not expect somebody will offer me a job and his decision would be solely based on information from my profile. I would be weird also for me :-)

During my journalistic career I’m trying to focus on various security topics, terrorism, US politics and world of intelligence agencies. Because of my job I have had chance to visit places like Kosovo, West Bank, Transnistria, Taiwan or USAF bases. I had also the privilege and luck to make interviews with many distinguished persons. Just mention few: Shirin Ebadi (Peace Nobel Prize winner), Kim Campbell (former Prime Minister of Canada), His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal (uncle of King Abdullah II of Jordan), James Woolsey (former director of CIA), Gen. Wiliam Odom (former director of DIA), Mircea Raceanu (so called last political prisoner of dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu), Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle (two of eight Vulcans of GWB). The real special one was the interview with British explorer Fiona Thornewill. I called her when she was exactly on the South Pole after her record-breaking walk. I have many interests :-)

US internal, security and foreign policy and American society, Czech Rep. internal and foreign policy, China security and foreign policy, China-Taiwan relationships, world of intelligence agencies, security policy in general, transatlantic relationships, NATO, history of Cold War…but once again I have many interests :-)

In answer:
Simply put – NO!

Profiles wherever they are are profiles. They are there for peers as well as recruiters and HR Professionals working on behalf of employers to find you, but they are not focused enough to get you a job. Even if they are the best profiles in the world – like a VisualCV for instance – and say specifically I am Job Hunting, I or any other recruiter or HR professional would not offer you or anyone else a job solely on an online profile. A profile is there like an a positioning post at worst, and a bland advertisement at best – for those recruiters/HR professionals looking for those skills, it serves as a sign post to be found, create interest, open communication and possibly lead to a specific job application and hence later to a face-to-face meeting.

A profile is a profile, a CV/Resume is a job application.

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Can I get a job offer generated from my online profile?”

  1. Colleen Aylward Says:

    Actually, as technology progresses and the economy regresses (!) we will see online profiles being more actively used in the hiring process. Right now, the most comprehensive of the profiling tools (InterviewStudio, HireVue, Interactive Applicant, etc.) are providing enough information to eliminate the travel and time consumption of first or second interviews.

    Coupled with these remote on-demand stored profiles are the live interviewing tools such as CareerCam and LiveHire that are becoming more useful as real-time interview surrogates since they incorporate real-time shared white-board-type file sharing facilities during the interview and can record and store the actual event.

    Will these current market tools be used exclusively for the actual vett and offer channel? Not likely for a few more years… but the more comprehensive the profiling tool, the more content they hold, the more verified info they contain, and the more legally defensible they become, you’ll see them begin to replace the laborious iterative front end of hiring processes.

    Colleen Aylward
    CEO and Founder

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