Can I use my PGCE abroad?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 - PGCE, Training Courses

Can I use my PGCE abroad?

Sally asks: Hi I am thinking of doing a PGCE Art and Design course next September. I was wondering that if I decide to travel after, could I use my PGCE in other countries?

In answer:
PGCE is a UK qualification, and its value overseas would need to be assessed on a country-by-country basis as to whether it is recognised by the local qualifications body. Secondly, even if it is, it may take up to a year of local employment and registration with the local professional body to be formalised.

I hence think you should look at taking one of two options:

  1. Plan your trip, and look at where you might take a break. Then contact the UK embassy of that country in the UK, and ask for their qualifications board to check acceptance
  2. Take a more portable qualification alongside your PGCE. You could look at base careers like cooking, sailing or HGV driving; or more teaching orientated courses like TESOL

For a better career in the future, I would take option2.

Good Luck!


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