Can the CV/Resume really die?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 - CV Writing

Peter asks: There is a lot of speculation about the end of the resume, being replaced by social profiles (LinkedIn, VisualCV, etc.), video resumes and even audio resumes. Really, can any of these things replace it? If so, why? If not, why not?

In answer:
Did Amazon kill the book market? No, there are more books sold now than ever….. OK, so did the eBook kill the physical book? Ah No, see the Amazon tale!

Will the visual/video CV/Resume kill the paper one? Thought1 – do we all look like Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt? Hence the idea that a video will totally replace a CV/Resume is ridiculous – it already has in the fields where it matters, like visual arts and TV presenters where its been called a show real since the 1920’s.

So will the online information source kill the paper CV/Resume? No – that’s like replacing the gun with a tank: more effective in many but not all situations. And we send more letters and consume more paper now than we ever did before we invented computers

You are assuming in your question Peter that the CV/Resume is a presentation of all the facts. No, its a factual sales presentation – no more, no less. Would you like it known in your job application that you weren’t great at catching a ball in pre-school: thought not….!

The summary presentation of someone and the skills needing in doing that will continue – and one format will never suit everyone or every skill: part of the selection process starts with that choice of format. What the online world will give is access to more applicants (which it has already done), and the removal of total lie’s from the personal presentation, facilitated through easier checking. Candidates, beware!

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One Response to “Can the CV/Resume really die?”

  1. Rich Says:

    Hmmm… interesting, however, I think we must think long-term.

    Did the light-bulb replace fire as the only source of light?
    Did the email replace hand written letter writing?

    I sure can’t remember the last time I sat down next to a couple of candles and wrote a love letter?

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