Can you afford to write your own CV?

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You have seen a job you want to apply for, and now need a CV, and think that you ought to write your own. The question is: can you afford to write your own CV? Shall we find out……..

  • The average person in the UK earns 24,000.

So that’s 52weeks – 4weeks for holidays = 48weeks.

  • 48weeks x 5days/week = 240days, or £100/day.
  • 4weeks x 40hrs/week = 1920hours, or £12.50/hr.

To self write a CV takes around 12hours or 1.5days, even if you have a free template. So that’s £150 – the same cost as our service which gives you a professionally written CV, with three bespoke Cover Letters – and at least one guaranteed interview. That service is aimed our belief that any of our clients should get one interview in three applications at minimum. Where as in actual fact, our hit ratio is 75%, or 3 out of 4 applications resulting in an interview, but we allow in our service for 1 in 3.

To re-focus your own CV yourself on two more applications, would take around 2hours per job – an additional 4hours work, or £50 more in cost, for a total of £200. That is if you match our own minimum ratio of 1 interview in 3 applications; which in actual fact is 3 in 4.

According to the Professional Resume Writers Association, a Professional CV written by a CV Writing expert results in 750% more interviews and 79% higher salary offers than those people write themselves. So lets say your ratio falls to the average self-written CV to interview success of 1 interview in 10 applications, but you get more efficient and you can now focus your CV in an hour. The cost hence for 10 job applications in CV Writing alone doing it yourself for one interview, £250.

What of course this calculation doesn’t include is the stress, the mental annoyance, the demand of writing of your own CV if you haven’t done it for a while. We could of course help you out there with a free CV review

And the second thing this doesn’t take into account, is the current economic climate. If UK unemployment is to go from 2million in January 2009 to 3million in December 2009, that means that 2,739 people per day, 7day a week are adding to the dole cue, and your competition – or 114/hour, every hour

But if you want a better chance or getting that dream job in at least 7 applications fewer, and for at least £50 less – thereby avoiding all of that stress and additional competition – buy our Professional CV writing service. We would be happy to help!

Good Luck!

If you need an interview winning solution, sign-up for our Professional CV service

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