Can you provide me with information on Teaching English in a foreign country?

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Janice asks: Can you provide me with information on Teaching English in the middle east? I am looking at Dubai and to teach english as a forgien in language schools to adults (TEFL/TESL). I am looking for any information such as qualifications, living conditions, names of schools, what kind of compensation packages to expect etc. Thanks!

In answer:
My sister did this post University – great fun, great travel, but think about it as well paid travel over averagely paid work.

For Brit’s – and many non-Brit’s – the main provider of recognised qualifications is the British Council. You will need a recognised TESL/TEFL (Teach English as a Secondary/Foreign Language) qualification to become a teacher at a BC or other nationally recognised school, but a combination of both is then a passport to work where ever you want to. Japan should be your ultimate goal, where the rates of pay are very good – you will need a minimum of two years experience

The biggest problem in TESL/TEFL programs is recognition – the qualification is non-regulated, so hence authority of approval is key to employment opportunity. Research schools who provide either a BC and other body recognised certified qualification (normally a Trinity College TESOL Certificate in most of the world); or in North America a program certified under the Cambridge University CELTA Program or the North American University Certificate Programs.

If you don’t get a TEFL/TESL, then you are into the private/in-country level of schools, and that’s tough work – not well paid, not well supported. Leave well alone.

For approved schools in a particular country, contact either the British Council directly, or the in-country British, Canadian or USA embassies.

Good Luck!

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