Can you recommend a web site for updating a CV?

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Free CV Review

Jon asks: Can anyone recommend a website or organisation that i can use to update my CV. most importantly for FREE ! Not the annoying ones that pretend to be free at first then ask for credit card details, basically I wants to able to upload the outdated and basically rubbish one I have now and then receive a shiny new one ready for interviews. Is this possible?

In answer:
Many professional CV writing services, including ourselves, will provide a free CV review as part of their marketing. That should provide you with hints and tips to DIY yourself a better CV, by fixing the major faults

However, if you expect anyone in the commercial world to give you a free CV rewrite, then forget it.

For free, walk down to Job Centre+ and learn the lessons, then do it the hard way – even they will expect you to write it yourself.

Good Luck!

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