Can you recommend CV/Resume tactics for someone with a varied career background?

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Varied Career Background CV

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Kim asks: Can you recommend CV/Resume tactics for someone with a varied career background? Over the years I’ve had several positions varying in responsibility and skill levels – I’ve always been more about finding the right fit for a company than being concerned about the job title. In every position I’ve held, I’ve always accepted more responsibility, worked very hard, etc. Over the past year I’ve discovered (yet another) career path which I’m doing very well in and would like to continue in. I’ve already achieved a good industry certification in my field (and passed with flying colours, which will be noted on the resume) and am looking to continue in my field. Part of the reason that I’ve done so well is because of my past experience. My difficulty is in finding someone to help me put together a resume which accents my skills and accomplishments without appearing to be “flighty”. Any advice is appreciated – Thanks!

In answer:
In all honesty Kim, I don’t see that much “flighty-ness” in your career history….

  • June 2007 – Present (1 year 3 months) – Asst. Property Manager, Lutheran Social Ministries
  • September 2006 – June 2007 ( 10 months): Best Buy Consumer Assistant, selling computers
  • January 2003 – May 2006 (3 years 5 months): Same-Differences (Privately Held) Owner of a scrap booking product manufacturing company
  • 1999 – 2000 (1 year): Chief Operating Officer, Saba Software
  • June 1996 – September 1998 (2 years 4 months): COO, Regional Internet Company

So that’s – three years of ISP/Software; three years in self employment; one year after that companies (sale or collapse?) back in the IT industry; and now one year in property management. Assuming your next job is in property management, honestly there is no problem! And if the scrap booking company did fail, don’t worry about that either – you now have a new and at least semi-qualified career path

Recruiting and HR managers will look at the gaps between positions as much as the achievements in a position. Its the “why” of drive/goal and change that matters in their view of career management and (hence) why you are applying for their post, as much as the skills that you can apply when in post.

Good Luck!

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