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Saturday, June 21st, 2008 - CV Writing

Carol asks: I am applying for a post in a bank, and am finding it difficult to keep my CV/Resume short, particularly as financial institutions always do a complete background check. For example, 2 years ago I was unemployed during 2 months and during that time I had a “to-fill-in-the-gap” role of 1 month orgazining events. I never put it on my CV, but if I apply for a role in a bank, they will want me to prove/fully disclose. If I leave that post out, will it be considered I lied on my resume?

In Answer:
A resume is a marketing not a legal document. You do not have to list everything you have ever done on it. If you are concerned about not listing any job on your resume, change the heading to “Relevant Professional Experience” where you list your jobs. A one month gap on your resume will not keep you from getting a job, where as a 3month+ might

However, a job application (which you sign) is a legal document. Depending how it is written, it may ask for all experience. In that case, you MUST fill out all the information. If they ask why you left out that job on the resume – you can then truthfully say you only listed “Relevant Professional Experience” on the resume – even your resume states that. If there is space on your resume, you can list other experiences at the end as additional professional experience.

It is important not to lie on a resume – but you are not lying if you use the word “relevant” on top. Good Luck!

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