Cardiff Jobs

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Cardiff Jobs

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Cardiff Jobs are quite easy to find, and the rebuilt city is a good place to both live, work, shop and take leisure.

Like most capital cities – Cardiff is the capital of Wales – Cardiff has its own major university campus, as well as a teaching hospital.

Cardiff has good transportation links, provided within the city mainly by the council owned Cardiff Bus, although the redeveloped Cardiff Bay can feel isolated

Cardiff Jobs
Nearly two thirds of Welsh Jobs are provided by the Government sector, although this is considerably lower in Cardiff at around the 50% level. Cardiff has a high demand for skills in the academic, retail and administration sectors.

There are good Cardiff Jobs in the the large base of employers in the call centre industry – including Admiral Insurance and o2 – although not to the extent on which the Scottish cities of Edinburgh or Glasgow are.

Unlike other parts of Wales, it is not essential that you speak Welsh, as Cardiff is the most English speaking location in Wales.

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