Career choices?

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Career Choices?


Andrew asks: If one is equally comfortable in business analyst role, presales role or business development role then which one can give best ROI in the IT field? Are there any other roles which MBAs can look for?

In answer:
A specific answer depends on how the roles are positioned inside the organisation – one companies pre-sales role is another’s business analyst!

Putting that aside for the moment, and accepting any job which you enjoy can make you a multi-millionaire these days with the right focus.

Career Change?

Five questions should be answered for most career choices:

  1. Where am I most comfortable?
  2. Where do I want to be in 10years time, and hence which role embodies the skill set I need next to take to move along that path?
  3. Which requires the wider – and therefore offer more options later – skill set?
  4. What will I be able to achieve in the role, and hence what can I write on my CV in 18months time?
  5. (One specific to technology, and some other sectors) Which is the newest technology, and which is the oldest? The oldest is most likely to be eliminated, the newest a more risky path

Hence, using that criteria and looking at those roles:

  • Presales is a sales support role, and requires the lowest skill set. It offers the fewest options moving forward
  • Business analyst is a delivery role, with many functions. The natural development path would be into Operations, Delivery or Project Management
  • Business Development is a combination marketing and sales role. The natural development path would be either towards Marketing or Sales Management

Good Luck!

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