Flamenco Dancing! Why you are probably better at it than job search….

- Job Search UK

Tweet Flamenco Dancing! Why you are probably a better Flamenco Dancer than a Job Searcher While sitting thinking over my Saturday morning coffee, I was trying to think of a way to show why job seekers in the current economic climate shouldn’t feel so embarrassed as to why their Job Search UK is going so […]

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LinkedIn: watch out who you connect to…

- LinkedIn

Tweet LinkedIn: watch out who you connect to… LinkedIn is a wonderful resource, especially for job seekers, but you have to watch out who you connect to. At some point in this series I will do an article on LinkedIn Open Networkers, or LIONs as they are more commonly known, but this post focus on […]

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

- LinkedIn Profile Tips

Tweet LinkedIn Profile Tips Here are our top5 LinkedIn Profile Tips that will improve your LinkedIn Profile today. No.1 – Name and picture You are not credible and won’t be taken as such without both a full name and profile picture. Don’t leave them blank or use false items, and don’t use your company name […]

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Sainsburys Jobs

- Blog, Sainsburys Jobs

Tweet Sainsburys Jobs In our regular Thursday Job Application Form series, this post is about applying for Sainsburys Jobs. We have already done Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and Tescos in this series, so there is lot of information here to apply for Retail Jobs. Sainsburys background Sainsbury’s was established as a partnership in 1869 when John […]

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(Bad) Example of a Job Advert

- Example of a Job Advert

Tweet (Bad) Example of a Job Advert Sometimes you look at things, and think: “Bet they lost their job as a result of doing that!” A friend on social media told me to have a look at a job advert posted on Reed.co.uk recently by Croydon-based recruiter Operations Resources, which is one of the worst […]

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