Too much employment opportunity?

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Tweet Too much employment opportunity? In these days of economic gloom, a barely recovering economy and up/down unemployment figures, we are used to job markets where there are too many job applicants, and too few jobs. But markets still do exist where there are lots of jobs; in fact, in these arkets there is Too […]

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Get your Dream Job for £4

- 5 steps to employment, Dream Job

Tweet Get your Dream Job for £4 I read with interest recently about how New York based copywriter Alex Brownstein got his dream job for £4 – well, $6 actually, but this is a UK based blog after all! What did he do? Knowing who he wanted to work for, he bought the names of […]

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Job Search Hell

- 5 steps to employment, Any Job Will Do

Tweet Job Search Hell! What must it be like to be in a position where there are: No jobs No employers calling you And personal pressure pilling up around you It must be job search hell! Well, I you think that’s where you are, then I’ve got news for you: like the mythical fairy garden […]

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What learning to fly taught me about job choice and career happiness

- 5 steps to employment, career change, career coaching, career planning, Psychometric Test

Tweet What learning to fly taught me about job choice and career happiness! If you have read this blog is much detail, then you will know that I have little practical faith in a psychometric test as a way of selecting potential future employees. This doesn’t mean that I dismiss psychometric tests. If you have […]

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Future jobs killer…

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Tweet Future jobs killer… One of the key issues when selecting which jobs to apply for, is to know what new technologies are coming down the development track. When testing a market for employability, our guide has always been to look for 50 jobs. You can get employed with less, but 50 says bouyant employable […]

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