The economy’s down, where are the jobs?

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Tweet The economy’s down, where are the jobs? If you are educated, everywhere… There’s a lot of economic data that comes our way in January, and at the end of it there is the annual shagri-la for the rich, famous and politically connected in Davos to talk about how they are going to save us […]

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Social Media Checklist

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Tweet Social Media Checklist If you are a Job Seeker wondering why you got rejected, Or an Executive wondering why head hunters don’t call? Its probably because of your (or lack of…) Social Media footprint! Solve the problem TODAY with Social Media Checklist If you are a job seeker, a skilled worker, or an executive […]

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Recruitment and Selection

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Tweet Recruitment and Selection I am often asked as a recruiter, who also writes Professional CV‘s, how recruitment and selection works for recruiters and employers, to enable them to put forward candidates to operational managers; and then how those operational managers choose the “best” candidates. Best Recruitment and Selection confidentiality Often, in a public forum […]

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Bankers are part of the key to reducing long term unemployment

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Tweet Bankers are part of the key to reducing long term unemployment With the G20 summit coming up this week, there have been a lot of preparatory talks about key issues to both keep the global economy moving, as well as reforming it to ensure that much of the bad stuff of 2008 doesn’t happen […]

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Job Search Secret

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Tweet Job Search Secret I thought today, it was about time, that I told you the successful job hunters secret. The problem is, is that it is not much of a secret; it certainly is not that big. It is just that what it is in not actually implemented very well. But if I wrote […]

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