Job Application: Mensa Membership

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Tweet Job Application: Mensa Membership William, a software writer, asks: Is it a good idea to include Mensa membership on my CV? I know that you have answered this question in a previous post, but the type of work is Software Testing which is a job that is greatly enhanced by intellect, ie: a piece […]

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Recruitment and Selection

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Tweet Recruitment and Selection I am often asked as a recruiter, who also writes Professional CV‘s, how recruitment and selection works for recruiters and employers, to enable them to put forward candidates to operational managers; and then how those operational managers choose the “best” candidates. Best Recruitment and Selection confidentiality Often, in a public forum […]

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Employment Dismissal

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Tweet Employment Dismissal Sarah asks: I am looking for work after employment dismissal, and need some help. I was dismissed from my last job as I didn’t meet the targets, was making mistakes as a result of being stressed, and was late on two occasions. So, in summary, I think that has also gone against […]

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Don’t pay to get a job!

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Tweet Job Scammed! photo credit: B Rosen In these difficult economic times, it seems that there are a number of scamers and thieves around who are not only happy, but more than willing to extract cash from unsuspecting job seekers. What we have noticed on both the recruiting side as well as the Professional CV […]

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What’s the value of a Cover Letter? How about: a job offer before you can be legally employed!

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Tweet Value of a Cover Letter? photo credit: ahisgett Many ask, and you may well be one of them: what is the value of a Cover Letter? Here is a very personal story which lead to the offer of employment before the person in question was of legally employable age – and all she wrote […]

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