Credit crunch to real economy – 1million migrant workers going home: job seekers need to look at their core competencies

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Tweet The credit crunch is now leading to a severe downturn in the real economy, and creating severe problems for job seekers. Firstly, we had the credit crunch. As a result of various bans not lending to each other, and a 40% drop in stock and equity values, Oxford Economics estimates that 194,000 jobs will […]

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What does “over-qualified” really mean?

- career change, CV Writing, Job Application Rejection

Tweet Over Qualified? photo credit: juhansonin Mark asks: I would appreciate your assistance on my research into the executive job market for an upcoming article for CIO Magazine. Most executives, managers and senior functional specialists have heard that reply from a hiring manager, recruiter or HR person at least once in their careers. This response […]

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Business owner needs to make a CV

- career change, CV Writing, Job Application

Tweet Business Owner CV Sarah asks: I am a photographer who needs a resume. I have worked for myself for 20 years, but I am now a personal chef as well making healthy meals. I need to make a resume by Monday. I don’t know how to since I have worked for my self for […]

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What happens when you wake up one day and realize your career is in shambles?

- career change, career planning, Job Application

Tweet Todd asks: What happens when you wake up one day and realize your career is in shambles, your nearly 40 with a wife, kids, a mortgage and a boat load of credit card debt? Two years ago I moved to a new city to take a new job with a home builder. Three months later […]

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Over 40 make overs and CV/Resumes

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Tweet CV Writing photo credit: Gaetan Lee Frank asks: Although I am a male, I found this article in the Wall Street Journal of interest. It was about makeovers to get a position when one is over a certain age. What did you think of the article? What about resume makeovers? Personal appearance makeovers? What […]

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