Future jobs killer…

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Tweet Future jobs killer… One of the key issues when selecting which jobs to apply for, is to know what new technologies are coming down the development track. When testing a market for employability, our guide has always been to look for 50 jobs. You can get employed with less, but 50 says bouyant employable […]

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Despite the economists, there are always jobs!

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Tweet Despite the economists, there are always jobs! Who do you believe in a job search at present? The economists or the reality of the volume of job adverts and job boards? If you believe the former, then you are probably missing employment opportunity. Yet, if you tested the jobs market in the right way, […]

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Careers Advice: the easy matrix method

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Tweet Careers Advice: the easy matrix method As a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I have seen many methods of giving job seekers Careers Advice. These normally split into two forms: Psyche testing Blue sky thinking Now, while these are great for school leavers and recent graduates, they don’t work for most experienced job seekers. […]

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